Man slammed over brazen act with huge python: 'It will attack'

The Queensland bushwalker has been criticised for getting in the snake's space for 'Facebook content'.

A Queensland man has copped backlash online after his attempts to video his encounter with a python ended with blood "pouring out" of his face.

Joey Zayne was bushwalking in Cairns when he spotted the "eight-foot long" python, deciding to stop and capture the moment with several pictures and videos.

"A beautiful snake just above the path," he said out loud as he recorded the python draped along the tree.

However, the walker's initial awe turned to shock when the snake lashed out at him, biting him on the face in front of his left ear. He quickly removed his shirt to apply pressure on the wound and mop up the blood that he said was "squirting 90 degrees" out of his head.

"I'm fine, it's just crazy how much blood (there is)," he said.

Joey Zayne left with a bloody face after being bitten by a python near Cairns, and right, showing the snake puncture wound afterwards.
Joey Zayne was bitten on the face by a python and had blood "pouring" from the wound. Source: Facebook/Joey Zayne

Snake catcher unimpressed by walker's 'wrong' actions

Joey posted content of his violent snake encounter online, even making the case that he believed the reptile mistook him for a bird. The post quickly accumulated hundreds of comments as it went viral.

"I would die of a heart attack," one woman responded but others warned against the man's actions.

"This is why you respect the snake and stay out of its space. The thing is in full strike position, don't think it was waiting for a bird mate, think it was trying to tell ya to piss off."

Queensland man and large python pictured.
The Queensland man was more than happy to share the python run-in online. Source: Facebook

That sentiment was shared by Lake Macquarie snake catcher Colin Shoemark, who explained snakes only bite to defend themselves.

"If you get within range of a python that feels threatened, it will attack," he told Yahoo News Australia.

"If you intentionally provoke a python or any snake to bite, you potentially have something wrong with you," he said.

However, the walker appears to be unfazed by the scrutiny, believing the encounter with the python was well worth it. "Very entertaining and some good Facebook content at the end of the day," he wrote.

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