Man loses almost 20 kilos drinking only beer during Lent

A man has shed nearly 20kgs after consuming nothing but beer for 40 days in an unusual take on Lent.

Beer company executive Del Hall, from Cincinnati, in the US state of Ohio, claimed his beer-only diet not only helped him drop weight, but took years off his life.

The 43-year-old Army veteran told USA Today he drank between two and five beers a day throughout Lent, and loved the way it made him feel.

Along with a slimmer frame, Mr Hall said he had experienced a change in his attitude towards food (pictured after weight loss). Source: Facebook

“Beer isn't as bad a people think. People really vilify beer. Everything in excess is bad for you and really, the average American diet will kill you faster than craft beer will,” he told the publication.

Along with a slimmed down frame, Mr Hall claimed the bizarre diet completely changed his attitude towards food.

"When I thought I was hungry, I wasn't. True hunger isn't that rumbling in your tummy, If I didn't eat for 46 days, missing one meal isn't going to kill me,” he said.

The Army Veteran said there was no turning back once he embarked on his radical diet (pictured before). Source: Facebook

Mr Hall said he took inspiration from a standard 1600s Monk lifestyle, along with the health-conscious culture of Fifty West Brewing Company, where he works.

"Once I make a habit, I'm dedicated. This was my jumping off point,” he said.By the end of his radical diet, which he consulted a doctor prior to attempting, Mr Hall had lost 18 kilograms.

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