Man filmed beating dog after it tried to go to the toilet

Kamilia Palu

A man who did not let his dog outside for 17 hours has been charged after beating the Labrador when it tried to go to the toilet in an elevator.

Disturbing CCTV footage showed UK man Paul Barratt kicking and punching the defenceless animal in a bid to stop it from defecating.

Paul Barratt was caught on camera beating his dog, Storm, in an elevator. Photo: Manchester Evening News

‘The Mirror’ reported the dog, named Storm, had been locked inside the apartment since 11pm the night before and was struggling to control its bowel movements inside the elevator at about 4:30pm the next day.

Barratt, of Salford in northwest England, was filmed abusing the dog in two videos on February 13.

As he took the dog down a flight of stairs in the second video, the poor pup couldn't hold on any longer and urinated on the floor.

Barratt looked at himself in the mirror for a moment before realising his labrador couldn't hold on any longer. Photo: Manchester Evening News
Barratt was seen kicking and punching the dog repeatedly in a bid to stop it from defecating inside the lift. Photo: Manchester Evening News

An angry Barratt used the dog's lead to smack it over the head before pulling it out the door.

He did not show up at court after being charged with two counts of failing to meet the needs of an animal.

During his initial police questioning, Barratt told officers he “was trying to stop the dog from defecating” and while he admitted to the cruel acts he said he “didn’t hit him hard”.

Barratt failed to appear in court over the February 13 incident. Photo: Manchester Evening News

Prosecutor David McCormick told the court the dog fortunately “did not suffer any long lasting injuries”.

After observing the footage, the RSPCA took Storm out of Barratt’s care and police have since issued a warrant for his arrest.