WATCH: 'Drunk' Perth man fighting airport police, fellow travellers

Video has emerged of a Perth man arguing and then fighting with police, resisting arrest in the process.

He was arrested by seven police officers at Singapore's Changi Airport last month, and is now facing 11 charges, court documents show.

The man was allegedly drunk when he argued with police officers. Photo: Youtube / Ben Bonifant

Video, posted to Youtube, shows the man scuffling with security guards, police officers as well as members of the public in an allegedly drunken state.

The man is understood to be Jason Peter Darragh, 44, The Straits Times reports.

He has likely broken the law on multiple occasions during several drunken sprees in Singapore with a total of 11 charges levelled against him, it was revealed in court.

He was charged with three counts of using vulgar language on police officers and two counts of using criminal force on them.

The man attempts to push the police officers away. Photo: Youtube / Ben Bonifant

He is also accused of two counts of causing annoyance to others while drunk in a public place.

In addition, Darragh was also charged with one count each of assaulting a police officer, using abusive words on a man, committing mischief and being found drunk and incapable of taking care of himself in a public place.

He allegedly started his crime spree at the departure hall of Changi Airport Terminal 2 between 12.15am and 12.30am on April 20.

He allegedly threw a man’s mobile phone on the floor and used vulgar language towards him.

Video shows Darragh pushing the police officers and knocking one over, yelling vulgar language at them before a security guard and members of the public come to assist.

He was heard saying "I'll knock your f***ing head off". Other officers arrive later to come and lead him away.

Security guards and members of the public attempt to help the officers detain the man. Photo: Youtube / Ben Bonifant

According to court documents, at about 4.50am the next day, he became drunk and caused annoyance in front of McGettigan’s CQ bar in Clarke Quay.

Darragh was also allegedly found drunk and incapable of taking care of himself in a restroom at Orchard Towers at around 12.20am on April 26.

He later ended up at Tan Tock Seng Hospital where he is said to have hurled vulgarities at a third policeman.

Then, on May 1 at around 5am, Darragh allegedly became drunk and caused annoyance to a woman at a taxi stand at Tan Tye Place, near Clarke Quay.

The Australian was offered bail of $20,000 and is due back in court later this week.