Man eaten by piranhas after jumping into lake to escape bees

A bizarre turn of events has led to the death of a 30-year-old man in Brazil.

The man was fishing with two friends on a farm in the municipality of Brasilandia de Minas on Sunday when he jumped into a lake to escape a swarm of bees, the fire department told local publication Estado De Minas.

His frantic friends also followed him into the water.

While his mates were able to swim back to shore, the 30-year-old man drowned and piranhas quickly began feasting on his body, the publication reports.

Red-bellied piranha - close-up of teeth. Source: AAP
A 30-year-old man has been attacked by piranhas after trying to avoid a swarm of bees. Source: AAP

Firefighters said they found the man's body about four metres from shore.

They told Estado De Minas the man’s face and other parts of his body had been torn apart by the razor-toothed carnivorous fish.

Piranhas are freshwater fish who are native to South America but have been introduced to numerous other areas like North America, Central America and even Hawaii, according to

They have a row of sharp teeth on both jaws and typically eat fish, crustaceans, birds and rodents.

Fatal attacks on people are uncommon.

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