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Woman's horrific find in fried chicken: 'I screamed'

A woman probably lost her appetite for fried chicken after making a horrifying find in her wings plattter.

Brittani Paulhamus, from the US state of Pennsylvania, ordered wings at Old School Pizza earlier this week.

Unfortunately, she got more than just the wings of a chicken.

Mr Paulhamus also received a head with a beak.

A chicken head seen served with wings at Old School Pizza.
Brittani Paulhamus was served a chicken head with her wings. Source: Facebook/ Brittani Paulhamus

She told the Today Show she only noticed it was a head when she picked it up and noticed its unusual shape.

"I turned it, and whenever I seen the beak and the eye, I threw it and I screamed," she told the program.

Ms Paulhamus said the head had her “in disbelief”.

Old School Pizza apologised for the head and said the supplier is trying to find out how the head made its way through the chain.

Ms Paulhamus isn’t too bothered by it though and said “it’s funny to me now”.

She still finds it repulsive though – a sentiment shared by people on Facebook who viewed the chicken head and called it “gross”.

“That would make me sick just knowing if they put that in a fryer and served it to you,” one man wrote.

Others called it “disgusting” and “messed up”.

Chicken heads can sometimes make it through the supply chain as one Mackay woman learnt a few years back.

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