WATCH: Man drives down stairs during wild police chase

An alleged car thief has taken Perth police on a bizarre chase through seven suburbs - and one flight of stairs.

Already driving without two front tyres, the Audi Coupe slams through a bollard into a park in North Coogee.

The car slams into a bollard at a North Coogee park. Source: 7 News

Closely followed by an unmarked police car, the Audi speeds across the grass.

An unmarked police car is in hot pursuit of the allegedly stolen Audi. Source: 7 News

It happened just before 6pm on Tuesday night on Lucretia Circle.

"You could hear him as he was coming down the road," witness Bev Bertocchi said.

"The rims were down to nothing and the tyres had come off. And he was still driving up the road."

The car hurtled down these steps as the driver attempted to get away from police. Source: 7 News

Moments earlier the car was captured on camera driving on the wrong side of the road.

Trapped in the park with police behind him, the driver of the allegedly stolen Audi drove down stairs and kept going, smashing through another bollard to get away.

Bollards left smashed as the car ploughs through them. Source: 7 News

Police had tried to stop the car 15 minutes earlier with a tyre deflation device but the car kept going, leading police on a 40-minute chase.

A second tyre deflator was set up at the intersection of Russell and Rockingham Roads in Munster.

Witnesses saw sparks fly as the car raced by. Source: 7 News

Four kilometres on from the second stinger, the car finally came to a stop on Rockingham Road.

Witnesses said they could smell burning rubber and saw sparks flying as the car went by.

The car was allegedly stolen from Piara Waters earlier this month.

A 40-year-old man from Orelia has been charged with failing to stop, reckless driving, stealing a motor vehicle and possessing methamphetamine, which police say was found in the car.