Man dies after attending 'Covid party'

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A man has died from Covid-19 after he tried to get infected with the virus by attending a 'Covid party'.

Dr Patrick Franzoni, deputy coordinator of the Covid unit in Bolzano in northern Italy, said colleagues have come across patients who have admitted to trying to catch Covid-19.

According to Corriere Della Sera, Franzoni said people have been going out of their way to catch Covid-19, to get antibodies, so they can get a green pass without vaccination.

A 'green pass' is a requirement in Italy, similar to the vaccine passes in Australia and it shows someone has been vaccinated against Covid, recovered from it in the last six months, or had a negative test in the last few days, The Local reported.

A man has died after attending a 'Covid party', where he intentionally tried to catch Covid-19. Source: Getty Images, file
A man has died after attending a 'Covid party', where he intentionally tried to catch Covid-19. Source: Getty Images, file

Franzoni said a 55-year-old man died in Austria, after he was infected with Covid-19 at a 'Covid party' in Italy, where he intended on getting infected.

"They don't realise that the virus is very dangerous even in children and young people," he said regarding the Covid parties.

He said there are school-aged children who were perhaps "pushed" by their anti-vax parents to seek out someone who has Covid-19 and get infected, thinking Covid was "only a flu".

According to Il Dolomiti, he found out about these Covid parties when three people who decided to attend, in order to get a green pass, ended up in hospital.

It is believed the 55-year-old man was from Austria, but worked in Italy so he needed a green pass for his job, News18 reported.

Il Dolomiti reported the Covid parties in the region are being investigated by local authorities.

There have been over 4.9 million Covid-19 cases in Italy since the start of the pandemic, and over 130,000 Covid-related deaths.

It was one of the worst hit countries at the start of 2020.

While incredibly reckless, Covid parties are nothing new. There have been several instances throughout the pandemic of people having parties and inviting infected people over.

It was even a game for students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and each attendee would put money in a pot and the first to get infected would win the money.

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