'Foot fetish?': Couple slammed for 'sickening' act on-board plane

A man has been filmed appearing to caress the bare feet of woman believed to be his girlfriend on a plane tray table much to the disgust of a fellow passenger.

Footage uploaded by an Adelaide woman and shared by Instagram page S*** Adelaide on Friday shows the pair seated near the window of the aircraft.

It is not clear when the incident happened, what flight it was filmed on or where the plane was headed.

The plane tray table is pulled down and the woman places her bare feet on it.

The man then begins rubbing her toes and the passenger claims he did this for the entirety of the flight.

A man has been filmed caressing a woman's feet on a plane tray table. Source: @bonnnnielee/Instagram

It is not known what the duration of the flight was, but people were disgusted by the act.

“F***ing rank,” one user wrote.

One man, who claimed to be boarding a plane later in the day, said the video illustrates “how germs get spread in planes”.

“I'm heading home from Thailand today,” he wrote.

“Thanks for that.”

Many were disgusted by the act on the plane tray table which is normally used for holding food. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

Others called it “disgusting”, “sickening” and labelled the passengers involved as “absolute savage animals” and “ferals”.

“What do these people do on their kitchen tables at home?” another woman wrote.

In July last year, a woman was filmed performing an act which was “so, so wrong” at a public swimming pool in North Queensland.

In October, a mum was slammed online after video emerged of her toddler’s “disgusting” moment in a plane aisle.

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