Man blasted for 'reckless' stunt at Aussie music festival

The attendee at the Sugar Mountain event in Melbourne was seen hanging metres above the crowd before letting go.

Event organisers have slammed the "reckless behaviour" of one individual who was seen dangerously scaling a lighting tower at a music event, before plunging into a crowd of revellers dancing below him — carelessly risking their safety.

The dangerous stunt was filmed by festivalgoers at the Sugar Mountain event in Melbourne on Saturday before being shared on social media and shows the man hanging from the structure set up near the stage during a live set.

The video shows the man swinging from side to side as he clings to a metal frame above a crowd of people. In one video, a woman can be heard over a microphone warning the man to "get to the side and get down now" — moments before he lets go and plunges into the shocked crowd.

Man hanging from lighting structure at Sugar Mountain music event in Melbourne.
A festivalgoer was seen hanging from a lighting structure at the Sugar Mountain music festival in Melbourne before plunging into the crowd. Source: TikTok

Event organisers slam 'reckless' act

Sugar Mountain Spokesperson Matt Gallant told Yahoo News Australia the man was "treated for a minor arm injury only". It's understood all other revellers managed to escape without injury.

"The safety of everyone who attends Sugar Mountain is paramount and we do not in any way condone the reckless behaviour of one individual," Gallant told Yahoo on Monday after versions of the clip spread across social media.

"Our team works closely with Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, safety contractors, our medical supplier, and key stakeholders to ensure we have comprehensive safety measures in place for each event. We want everyone who attends Sugar Mountain to enjoy an incredible live experience, but most importantly return home safely."

Victoria Police confirmed to Yahoo they received no reports of the incident. The video shocked social media users who were surprised he wasn't seriously injured. "Holy hackers," one commented on a video on TikTok. "No one's impressed," another chided.

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