Man Annoyed When Charging Cable Gets Stuck in Cybertruck


A viral TikTok shows a frustrated Tesla owner trying to figure out what to do when his charging cable gets stuck in his Cybertruck. Or, as the folks at the r/CyberStuck subreddit put it: "Cybercharger got cyberstuck."

The TikTok shows the Cybertruck's owner — Tesla enthusiast Jeremy Judkins — struggling to figure out what to do with the stuck cable. Like other electric vehicles, the truck won't allow its driver to drive off until the cable is unplugged. So, even when Judkins tries to wrap up the cable and toss it in the bed for the time being, he couldn't, as he demonstrated in the clip.

"I thought I could just throw the charger in the back of the Cybertruck," Judkins laments. "Heck, that's what a truck's for, right? It's got a bed."

Finally, the frustrated owner realized he could open a secret "door" — which, we should note, looks less like a door and more like just a breachable chunk of the truck's frame — to access what he describes as a "pull string." Give the string a tug, and it'll unlock the port.

Fair warning, though: as spotted by Futurism sister site The Drive, Tesla itself warns that Cybertruck owners should really, really try to avoid doing this. Why? You could damage your expensive truck. Also, you or your vehicle could get electrocuted.


Indeed, according to a firm disclaimer on Tesla's website, one should "use the release cable" — or "pull string," if you will — "only in situations where you can not release the charge cable using the usual methods." (Emphasis Tesla's.)

"Frequent use can damage the release cable or charging equipment," the disclaimer continues, adding that a "failure to follow" Tesla's instructions for finding the cable "can result in electric shock and serious injury or damage to the vehicle."

In sum, Tesla wants you to know that this method is a last-last-last resort, and zaps may occur if you don't break into the wall of your Tesla properly. And to that end, judging by Judkin's video, it doesn't look like an easy thing to do! As the Drive notes, the action causes a loud noise, and it even looks like Judkins felt a bit of a kickback from it.

Other folks online noticed that the process seems a bit... iffy.

"Not a criticism," wrote one TikTok commenter, "but that release mechanism and what surrounds it, looks really flimsy."

In any case, add the cyberstuck charger to the ever-growing pile of vehicular snags that Cybertruck owners should watch out for.

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