The bewildering act that 'scammed' a cashier out of $100

A man has allegedly tricked a young cashier into giving him $100 with a perplexing exchange at the till.

Wollongong Police are investigating what they describe as a "fraud incident" at Papa Joe’s Fruit Market in Thirroul, NSW on Sunday.

The alleged incident was captured on CCTV and shows a man paying for half a pumpkin with a $100 note at about 10.50am on Sunday.

The man handed the cashier coins in an apparent ploy to her. Source: Supplied
The incident happened at Papa Joe’s Fruit Market. Source: Papa Joe’s Fruit Market

As he receives his change, he hands the cashier some coins, apparently trying to make up the difference.

The move appears to confuse and distract the teen slightly.

While she isn't looking, the man allegedly slips the $50 in his pocket that the teen gave him and then appears to claim he has been short-changed.

The man can then be seen pointing at the register and showing her his notes.

He then allegedly manages to scam another $50 note just moments later and attempts to do it a third time. While the teen appears to contemplate it, she ultimately refuses to give him any more money.

The man allegedly told the girl he had been short-changed. Source: Supplied

Store owner George Akary told the Illawarra Mercury the girl thought she had only been scammed $2.70 but it wasn't the case.

"He just managed to confuse her. She was really shook up. She just didn’t know what to do or how to react," he said.

“He’s like a magician because, even watching [the video footage] it confused me.”

Anyone with information that could assist police should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.