This MAFS scandal is worse than anything you’ve seen yet

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

If you thought the Dean, Davina and Tracey love triangle on last year’s Married At First Sight was bad, think again.

Tonight’s episode showed wife swapping hasn’t been thrown out of the MAFS dictionary in 2019, with Sam and Ines showing an interest in cheating on their respective partners.

“I’m definitely disappointed. I did come here to fall in love with someone and I did make a commitment to Bronson,” said controversial Ines. “But I have been thinking about another husband and if he’s DTF.”

Tonight’s episode of MAFS saw Sam receive a cheeky message from Ines, who is not actually his TV wife. Photo: Channel Nine

The 28-year-old had just attended a couple’s therapy session with her TV husband, Bronson, but that didn’t stop her from not only thinking about another man, but also contacting him as well.

“Obviously that’s Sam. He’s hot,” Ines explained in a piece-to-camera.

“If Bronson can change his ways, I might stop thinking about someone else. But Sam’s so hot, I don’t know if I will,” she smirked.


Ines decided to make the first move by slipping into Sam’s direct messages. Photo: Channel Nine

After stalking his Instagram account, Ines slipped into Sam’s direct message inbox, knowing very well that Sam’s not happy in his own ‘marriage’ with Elizabeth.

“Ines is more a girl I’d go for in the real world,” said Sam.

“The temptation’s there. I’m thinking about accepting and seeing what she has to say. I’m quite curious to be honest.”

While Sam said, “I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings”, we all know that some serious pain is caused when cheating is involved.

Meanwhile Sam’s TV wife Elizabeth was trying to get closer to him. Photo: Channel Nine

And the stab in the back is only going to be sharper for an innocent Elizabeth, who chose to apologise and befriend Ines in the very same episode.

The 27-year-old arrived at Ines’ apartment with a block of chocolate as a peace offering, as she apologised for chiming in on Ines and Bronson’s discussion with the experts at the commitment ceremony.

“It just seems a bit weird to me that you’d come to my house with a block of chocolate to apologise,” Ines later said in a piece-to-camera.

Elizabeth also made the effort to make amends with Ines after a heated commitment ceremony. Photo: Channel Nine

“I’ll eat the chocolate while I think about her husband,” she giggled.

Well, with Sam having accepted Ines’ message request, something tells us the thought of a relationship between the two is about to become a whole lot more.

Married At First Sight continues at 7:30pm on Channel Nine. 

“I’ll eat the chocolate while I think about her husband,” said Ines. Photo: Channel Nine

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