Lyme disease outbreak

25 March, 2012
Reporter: Guest reporter Monique Wright
Co-producers: Fiona Baker; Hannah Boekemann
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Lyme disease follow-up transcript

Off the eastern coast of the United States, there lies a small and mysterious island which may unlock the key as to why hundreds of thousands of people are falling ill. There is growing evidence an outbreak with massive consequences has escaped from here, and in this special Sunday Night investigation, we look at the illness that’s infecting more than 225,000 Americans every year, with thousands more in Australia. Yet the Australian government refuses to admit the outbreak has reached our shores. As we uncover, there is a secret US government research facility on this island – a facility where highly contagious and deadly viruses were used in experiments and stored away from the mainland. Many believe the outbreak of the world’s fastest growing infectious disease has its origins on the island, and it’s now spreading across the globe.

More information

For more information about Lyme disease in Australia you can go to the following support groups:
Dr Karl McMmanus' website

Further contact details

For the NSW Government Fact sheet on Lyme disease click here

For Dr Peter Mayne’s websiteclick here

For Bugs of the week website click here

Sam Stosur

Like so many people, Australian tennis world champion, Sam Stosur was also very sick with Lyme disease in 2007. Stosur was out of the game for at least eight months while doctors struggled to diagnose her. If Stosur feels comfortable talking about anything, it’s Lyme disease and she’s written an in depth description of her battle with Lyme, which can be found on her website. For those of you who wish to find out more, click here:

Under Our Skin documentary

Under Our Skin is a gripping and often terrifying look not only at the science and politics of the disease, but also the personal stories of those whose lives have been affected and nearly destroyed. For information about the documentary go the website

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