Love Island 2024 viewers complain over "short" Casa Amor twist

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Love Island fans complain over short Casa AmorITV

Love Island spoilers follow.

Love Island fans and Islanders alike were shocked to learn Casa Amor is ending earlier than anticipated.

Tonight's (July 3) episode ended with a huge twist when Matilda and Konnor received a text in the Villa and in Casa Amor, respectively. Panic settled in as the Islanders learned their time getting to know the new additions to the cast was over, meaning the show's hardest recoupling was next.

In tomorrow's (July 4) episode, the boys and girls will have to decide whether to enter the Villa with someone new or stick with their original partners. Whoever they're choosing, it sure seems like this season's Casa Amor didn't live up to its full, most dramatic potential.

moziah, grace, love island 2024, episode 31

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Viewers had mixed feelings about the twist, with some labelling it "the shortest" Casa Amor in the show's history. Meanwhile, others expressed some relief at the dragging drama being finally over to make way for a hotly anticipated, entertaining reckoning.

"Did casa not just happen?? Why are we moving so fast?" one person pointed out on Twitter/X, while another shared: "Casa is over finally… I'm tired of this circus. Let's have it…"

"Yesssss my prayers have been answered. The recoupling is tomorrow night and not Friday," another fan said, clearly siding with producers on.

But the final cliffhanger wasn't the only moment in which fans made their views clear, as they threw their support behind Moziah earlier in the episode.

Grace was at the centre of a bizarre moment when both Blade and Moziah made their interest in her known and resorted to unfair measures to make her aware.

While Moziah and Grace were having a chat, Blade waltzed in and whisked her away. Moziah was less than impressed as he muttered "Savage," with viewers pointing out the absurd moment on Twitter/X.

"Poor Moziah but that was comedy gold," one person wrote, while another offered: "[Blade] lost the Grace Race as soon as he pulled her away from the chat with Moziah. Girls sense when a guys trying that bit too hard and its a put off, i think calm and steady will always win."

Later on, the two men cleared the air, though Moziah said he didn't feel Blade had been truly apologetic.

"You obviously know how I feel about Grace. Do you think that doing that at that moment was even the right thing to do at any level, bro?" Moziah quizzed Blade, who replied: "Am I just meant to sit here and just watch you chat to her all night?"

moziah, blade, love island 2024, episode 31

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Grace tried to make things better for Moziah when she approached him and got honest about having doubts about her connection with both him and Blade.

"I feel like romantically, me and him [Blade] have had a kiss, where me and you haven't, I think that would maybe be the deciding thing…" she said, leading Moziah to the bedroom for a kiss as Blade watched on.

Now that Casa Amor is well and truly over, it's time Grace and all other Islanders made up their minds before the big recoupling. Rest assured some won't be spared a huge disappointment during the Villa reunion.

Love Island airs on ITV2 and streams on ITVX.

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