Plea to Aussies after grim discovery along creek: 'More than a ute's worth'

Volunteer Ian Matthews patrols 'known dumping sites' frequently and finds more discarded items every time he visits.

A plea to Aussies over discarded rubbish discovered in the bush. Source: Facebook
A plea to Aussies over discarded rubbish discovered in the bush. Source: Facebook

Aussies are being urged to stop dumping unwanted items and spoiling bushland after another sighting of a "busload" of rubbish was found along a creek this week.

Townsville local Ian Matthews often checks "known dump sites" in his area as more often than not he finds the recently tidied-up landscape again littered with discarded items, with the most recent mess found in Condon along the Bohle River in Queensland.

"I'm used to finding rubbish everywhere, it just makes the bush look like crap and it stops people from going to enjoy the area," the grandfather told Yahoo News. He volunteers with a local organisation called Tidy Up Townsville who patrol the area and clean up mess frequently left by locals.

Discarded items in the Bohle River (left) and a large tyre and bin littered in the bush (right) with a fish carcass surrounded by flies (inset).
Ian Matthews found a 'busload' of discarded items in Condon along the Bohle River on Wednesday. Source: Facebook

The volume of discarded items is sometimes so big that the volunteers are unable to remove it all themselves, often being "more than a ute's worth" or even enough to fill a bus. In Wednesday's discovery, there was a large fish carcass, furniture, tyres, buckets and litter, among other things along the creek.

Matthews said the dumping has been an ongoing issue and claims it is residents behind the behaviour, with offenders simply dumping the waste there rather than driving to the council dump.

"Some people say locals just dump it in the bush rather than drive half an hour to the actual dump... it's surprising what we find," he said. "I'm used to my own house bin being full [of the discarded items]."

In his local area, Matthews says there are at least four known dump sites he patrols and items are frequently found discarded.

An old bike and plasterboard (left) and furniture (right) discarded in the bush near Townsville.
There are four known dump sites in Ian Matthews' local area alone. Source: Facebook

Townsville is "sinking under the weight" of the problem but not enough is being done to stop dumping from happening.

"The council have put up fences and rocks so people can't get in but they still are and they're dumping there," he said. Yahoo News has reached out to Townsville City council for comment.

Dumping is a known issue in Townsville but it's not the only area in Queensland where outdoor areas are being littered full of unwanted items. Last month over 820 kilograms worth of rubbish was dumped in a creek near the Sunshine Coast.

An unofficial dumping ground also appears to be established in Sydney's inner-city suburb of Pyrmont which locals say emits a "foul, stinking" odour near a children's playground.

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