Popular present falling from the sky after drones take-off this Christmas

Nicholas McCallum
Safety warnings issued for popular Christmas presents which are already falling from the sky.

Two of the most popular Christmas gifts for 2015 also come with the most warnings issued by consumer groups, governments and safety authorities the world over.

Drones and 'hoverboards' have filled stockings across the planet –given to children and adults alike.

Prices of drones have fallen over the past few years, but that could mean a drop in quality leading to drones themselves dropping from the sky.

As every wary parent tells their child to "be careful" with these new toys, aviation and safety authorities are warning adults about the no-nos too.

Days before Christmas Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority issued a warning video for adults planning on unwrapping a new quad-copter this Christmas.

"They're fun to fly, but you must be responsible," the CASA video warns.

With fires raging across Victoria and many more likely to come throughout the summer, the state's Country Fire Authority has warned amateur drone pilots to steer clear of the danger zones.

"As much fun as you might be having playing with your shiny new drone these holidays, it is really important that they do not interfere with the emergency response vehicles," a CFA statement said Thursday.

Those in breach of the rules face fines of $9,000, but the immediate impact could see fire-fighting aircraft grounded if a drone is spotted in the area.

Throughout the fire season in the US this year, battles against a dozen forest fires were disrupted by suspected drone activity in the area.

Difficult to master, a number of new drone owners have tweeted this Christmas about how their new toys crashed either into the ground or a loved one within minutes of taking them from the box.

Also hiding danger beneath fun, the two-wheel balancing 'hoverboard' has also led to one ruined Christmas with a teen from Sydney's Northern Beaches was rushed to hospital after falling from his new toy on Christmas Day.