'Stop spreading hate': Photograph at scene of London terror condemned

Internet users have rushed to the defence of a woman who was accused of ignoring victims of London's terror rampage.

As much of the world came to grips with the reality of the London terror attack, some Twitter users seemed more focused on a woman photographed not stopping to tend to a victim on Westminster Bridge.

It’s unknown who the woman was speaking to or what her intentions were, however Twitter user Texas Lone Star ignited the fury by tweeting the photo with the caption: “Muslim woman pays no mind to terror attack, casually walks by a dying man while checking phone”.

One day later, the photo has been shared thousands of times, with the majority condemning those who shamed the "clearly distressed" woman.

"You have no idea of the context here. She could have been letting loved ones know that she was safe. Stop spreading hate," Emily Beavan wrote in the woman's defence.

The tweet was accompanied by the hashtags #PrayforLondon and #BanIslam and has since gone viral.

In response another user posted a similar photograph, this time of a man walking past a similar scene also not stopping to intervene.

"If anyone posts that pic of the Muslim woman walking by this scene in #London, reply with this pic showing a man doing the same," Zane Asmiri said.

RogueBennyBen offered: “who knows what they were doing. Plenty of people involved. May even have been told to walk on. Judgment not needed”.

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