Liquorland error sees shoppers score 90 per cent off popular item

Bottled water drinkers have managed to save big bucks thanks to an accidental Liquorland special, which allowed some people to order scores of bottles online for less than the delivery fee.

Packs of 24 600ml Coles spring water bottles were advertised for just $1 on Liquorland's website last week, sending bargain hunters into a frenzy.

The same product is currently being sold online at Coles for $9, meaning a saving of 88.8 per cent of the normal price.

A customer excitedly shared the dramatic discount to the popular Facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia, prompting one man to order 100 cartons - which equals 2,400 bottles of water.

A bulk delivery of water bottles from Liquorland
Shoppers were sent into a frenzy when Liquorland advertised cartons of water for $1, the usual price of a single bottle. Source: Facebook/Louise K

Savvy shoppers celebrate bargains

"Thank you to the awesome bargain hunter who posted about the Liquorland water," a woman posted a week later, sharing an image of eight cartons of water delivered to her doorstep.

"Thought I would save myself and got it home delivered," she added.

"Liquorland order arrived," a second woman proudly announced to the group on Wednesday, alongside a photo of her 10-carton delivery.

She also posted a screenshot of her order, which showed that her delivery fee of $11.95 cost more than her order total of $10.

"Damn so you essentially get 240 bottles of free water and they're paying you $2.05 to drink them," one person commented.

A bulk delivery of water bottles from Liquorland
The dramatic discount allowed shoppers to order hundreds of bottles of water online for less than the delivery fee. Source: Facebook/Jess H

The shopper responded that it was a "huge win" because she always buys cartons of water.

Another happy customer managed to buy 12 cartons while others eagerly awaited their deliveries.

"Mine is in transit," one person commented while another said: "Mine is due for delivery today".

One woman joked about what posties must be thinking about the bulk water deliveries.

"Delivery drivers all over Australia wondering what the hell is going on," she wrote.

Some orders cancelled, refunded

Unfortunately for some shoppers, the deal was too good to be true with dozens left disappointed because their huge orders were suddenly cancelled by Liquorland.

"I ordered this too and they cancelled, had a few friends in the same boat," one woman commented.

"They cancelled mine and mine was only 15 cartons," another wrote.

Pedestrian walks past a Coles Liquorland Express store
Many orders were cancelled and refunded after the error was identified. Source: AAP

Coles clarifies pricing error

A spokesperson for Liquorland's parent company Coles explained to Yahoo News that a simple mix-up was behind the short-lived special, which was taken down the same day it was advertised.

"The wrong image and description was displayed for individual Coles Spring Water single bottles on the Liquorland website for a number of hours last week. This meant a small number of customers were able to order 24 x bottle slabs of water for the price of a single bottle," the spokesperson confirmed.

"While some orders were fulfilled, most customers received a full refund of the purchase price. We apologise for any disappointment this has caused."

Bottled water sale sparks heated debate

Not everyone was impressed with the amount of bottled water being purchased at discount prices.

"May I ask, why people are buying bottled water? All those plastic bottles give me anxiety!" one woman stated.

"What's wrong with the water in the tap?" another questioned.

"Bottled water is so bad for the environment, it takes 3 litres to make 1 litre of bottled water. Then the fuel for the delivery let alone the plastic! That also uses water to recycle it, if you do recycle it."

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