TikTok video captures Liquorland 'ghost' breaking bottles of wine

CCTV footage of boxes of wine mysteriously tumbling over has led to paranormal speculation on TikTok, however there is a reasonable explanation for the mess.

The footage of the incident was filmed at a Coles Liquorland and uploaded to TikTok by user who has since deleted the video.

In the video, a woman is serving a customer at the counter. Next to the counter is a display of wine, with a box of bottles stacked on top of other boxes.

Tiktok stills of Liquorland wine bottles falling.
People were spooked when a stack of wine bottles fell over at Liquorland all by itself. Source: TikTok via 7News.

While the customer is being served, the stack of red wine on the left hand side falls, without anyone touching it, before an alarm starts going off.

Red wine is seen gushing out on the floor making quite a mess, while the woman checks the box which was at the bottom of the pile.

After inspecting the mess briefly, the woman goes back to serving the customer.

The video was shared on Sunday and has been viewed over 4000 times. Some were left questioning how something like that could happen, with the suggestion put forward that a Liquorland ghost may have been responsible.

"How? Is it a ghost?" someone questioned on TikTok before the video was removed.

"This is just weird."

Others were sure it wasn't a friendly ghost.

"That was some a**ehole of a ghost that did that," another person said.

However, one person had a more plausible theory as to what happened and the woman posting the video confirmed they were correct.

"Bottom box was empty, it collapsed under the weight of the wine," they said.

The TikTok user who shared the video said this was "spot on" and whoever stacked the wine didn't think it through.

There's no shortage of weird and creepy events being documented on social media.

Last month, a woman's TikTok went viral after she discovered she was staying at an Airbnb in the US which had an abandoned shopping centre in the basement.

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