Lily Allen quips her newfound acting career annoys father Keith and brother Alfie

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Lily Allen has hit out at the “misogynistic and awful” music industry amid her burgeoning acting career.

The star had chart-topping success in the 2000s with songs “Smile” and “The Fear”, and has released four records, the most recent arriving in 2018.

However, in 2021, she starred in the stage play 2:22: A Ghost Story, and is now set to make her TV debut in comedy drama Dreamland. Following this, Allen will co-lead new Martin McDonagh play The Pillowman on the West End later this year.

Allen acknowleged that the career gearshift might take her music fans by surprise, but said it was actually “more surprising” that she embarked on a music career.

“It is the family business,” she told The Times, referring to her acting father, Keith Allen, and brother, Alife Allen.

“If you were to look at me when I was 16 years old, people would have said, ‘Well, she’s obviously going to go and be an actress.’”

Allen said she has not been given any advice by her family members, but quipped that “the added bonus” of her newfound acting success is that she “gets to piss them off”. She noted that she was “joking”.

The former singer also criticised the music industry, calling it “patriarchal”, “misogynistic” and “awful”.

Lily Allen had chart-topping success in the 2000s (Getty Images)
Lily Allen had chart-topping success in the 2000s (Getty Images)

“I try not to think about it too much because I just get so irate and angry,” she said, adding: “But I’m not working there any more.”

Dreamland will be available to watch on Sky Atlantic and NOW from 6 April.