Threatening letter complaining about family’s Christmas lights display

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A family has succumbed to pressure from a cranky neighbour who demanded they not decorate their house for Christmas this year because it created “down right annoying” traffic and noise.

The upset neighbour was believed to be one of two to complain to the family based in North Lakes, Brisbane, following their impressive, recent halloween display.

An anonymous author of a nasty note threatened there would be “hell to play with” if the family delivered on their promise of a “bigger and better” Christmas display.

“I see that you have started to put up your Christmas lights. I hope it’s not going to be as big and disgusting as your halloween display,” the unfriendly neighbour wrote in their letter, received on Monday.

House decorated for Christmas is shown.
The family was threatened after an angry neighbour noticed they had started putting up their Christmas display (not pictured). Source: AAP

“I am telling you there is people in this neighbourhood including myself that don’t like what you have done and what you are doing now.... it is a disgrace and the traffic and the noise is down right annoying.

The neighbour pleaded with the family to not do an “eye sore” of a display, promising there would be consequences if they ignored the warning.

“If they [spectators] park on my footpath and if there is a lot of noise, I will be calling the police for disturbance of the peace,” they wrote, adding “DON’T DO IT” to the end of the letter.

The author signed off as a “concerned resident of North Lakes”, but was slammed over being “gutless” and a “grinch” after a photo of their note was shared to Facebook.

More than 600 people commented on the post, encouraging the man who shared the letter to ignore the letter and go ahead with the Christmas display he had planned.

“Don't give in to idiots who don't like traditions. Just because they don’t like it doesn't mean others won't,” one person wrote.

Note to Queensland family about their Christmas display.
This was the letter slipped into a Queensland family's letterbox. Source: Facebook

“If the lights bring you and the kids in your neighbourhood some joy in this shitty year. You go for it. The grinch of your street can pull their curtains and get stuffed,” another wrote.

“That is just disgusting. Who gave them the right to threaten you. Don’t let them stop you, let them call whoever they want,” a third said.

Many volunteered to help decorate the entire street in retaliation, and help make the display the family’s biggest yet.

“Just go big!! Your halloween display looked amazing and if you can do a bigger and better Christmas display then go for it,’ someone wrote.

Despite eager locals begging for a huge light display, the homeowner said he wasn’t willing to risk causing disruption among his immediate community.

“We have decided to do a display, but not as big as we intended. Hopefully it will still bring a smile to people's faces that do come and have a look,” he wrote in a comment to his post.

“Again thank you all, it’s been overwhelming. Our lights will be on from the 1st of December.”

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