Lamborghini driver crashes rare $800K vehicle at Aussie car wash

There is reportedly just 10 of these cars on Australian roads ... but that number just dropped.

A driver who crashed his "rare" luxury Lamborghini into a car wash overnight will likely face it being written off, after mistakenly stepping on the accelerator instead of the brake and slamming into a power pole.

The incident occurred in the Gold Coast suburb of Bundall at 6.30pm on Sunday, with footage of the scene showing major carnage left behind after the driver charged across a garden bed right into the pole, which eventually snapped in half.

A Queensland Lamborghini that crashed at a car wash.
A Queensland Lamborghini driver is facing having his luxury super car written off. Source: 9News

Supercar worth an estimated $800K crashes on Gold Coast

Vision shows torn up grass, broken glass and the badly damaged vehicle roped off by police tape.

The 40-year-old driver was treated for minor injuries by first responders, while the Lamborghini itself, that reportedly retails for an estimated $800,000, was likely damaged beyond repair.

A Queensland Lamborghini that crashed at a car wash.
The 40-year-old male driver suffered only minor injuries. Source: 9News

Police said the man wasn't speeding at the time of the crash and was using the car wash prior to the incident.

The facility, on Ashmore Road, lost power during the ordeal and was forced to close but it has since been restored.

A Queensland Lamborghini that crashed at a car wash.
A power pole at the car wash snapped in half during the incident. Source: 9News

According to 9News, there are just 10 of the Lamborghinis currently on Australian roads.

Lamborghinis in general can sell from anywhere between $200,000 to $4 million.

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