Female only parking zone in Aussie city centre divides drivers

The parking zone was introduced after reports of anti-social behaviour in the area.

A distinctive feature at a car park in Perth's CBD has sparked a debate among Aussie drivers — with some praising the idea while others fear it's only encouraging the behaviour it intends to squash.

A hot pink sign with the outline of a woman's head and the words 'Female Parking' was spotted in the Pier Street car park, raising some eyebrows with the unusual rule. The signage indicates there is an area of the car park where the bays are encouraged to be used by women only, featuring well lit bays and increased surveillance to prioritise safety.

It is believed the rule is only advisory and cannot be enforced, similar to car park spaces for the elderly or parents with prams.

A hot pink female only parking sign against a pillar in the multi-storey car park in Perth.
The female-only parking zone in Perth's Pier Street car park has divided Aussies. Source: Reddit

Aussies conflicted over unusual section in car park

While many praised the effort to make women feel more comfortable in a public space where they can often feel vulnerable — with this particular car park open between 6 am to midnight — others were concerned it would lead potential offenders to the zone.

The front entrance of Perth's Pier Street car park which has a 'female only parking' level.
Pier Street car park is open for 16 hours every day, opening early and closing well after it gets dark. Source: Google Maps

"[It] really narrows it down for the resident creeper," one wrote online, with another questioning why all levels of a car park should not just have increased security measures.

"Whilst I applaud the effort, shouldn’t the entire car park be well lit and under surveillance to begin with? Safety in a managed public space shouldn’t be in limited supply?" one remarked.

Female-only parking level introduced in 2016

Of the 700 parking bays in the multi-level car park 28 are reserved for women which aims to elevate "safety and security".

"Pier Street was identified as a key facility due to the anti-social behaviour in and around the surrounding area which was impacting our customer's experience and safety," a City of Perth spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia back in 2021.

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