Kmart shoppers roast retailer over awkward sign mistake

Social media users have skewered Kmart after a shopper shared an amusing mistake spotted on a sign at one of the retailer's stores.

On Sunday, the amused shopper noticed a spelling error on a storeroom sign at a Sydney Kmart store, later sharing a photo of the blunder on Reddit.

“Damn, never knew you had to run a meme account to work at Kmart,” wrote the playful shopper.

Side-by-side image. Left: Inside Kmart store showing doors with spelling mistake on sign. Right: Kmart store front.
Kmart shoppers have had a laugh at the retailer over a spelling mistake spotted in a Sydney store. Source: Reddit/Kmart

In the photo shared by the Kmart customer, you can see two swing doors leading to a storeroom with a small red sign on each window reading: “Team memers only”.

As a memer is a person who creates or uses memes, this innocent mistake gave Redditors the fuel they needed to make fun of a Kmart employee's oversight.

The sign, which should read “Team members only,” was upvoted by more than 470 Aussies on Reddit who joked that it was only meme account owners that were allowed into the storeroom.

Reddit users poke fun at Kmart employee spelling fail

Many Reddit users were mystified that someone had both printed and attached the sign without noticing the missing letter “b”.

“How could one literally forget when printing a sign?” asked one Reddit user.

“Forget about the guy who printed it, some mouth breather took the sign and attached it to the door anyway,” chimed another user.

Before adding: “I bet it gives the minimum wage kids who work there a laugh at least.”

Couple with stroller walks past open Kmart store
Reddit users were mystified that a Kmart employee printed and attached the sign without noticing the missing letter. Source: AAP

Others pointed out the mistake was “on the computers, not us” as autocorrect should have picked it up when the staffer was making the sign.

However, this theory was soon dispelled by another user who pointed out that the word "memer" is now in spellcheck dictionaries, so it would not be picked up as a mistake.

“Memer is now in spellcheck dictionaries. I am not sure if this is progress or not,” they wrote.

Redditors suggest Kmart sign spelling mistake is no accident

However, not everyone believed that the sign was written incorrectly by accident.

One Redditor defended the Kmart employee in the comments, pointing out that the spelling mistake was no accident and was made to save space.

“If they included the 'B' the sign wouldn’t fit anymore now would it...?” wrote the Reddit user.

Others acknowledged they didn't even notice the missing letter at first glance as their eyes were playing tricks on them, and praised the Kmart shopper for spotting it.

"Sharp eyes. I read them both as "MEMBERS" without realising there is no 'B'," wrote one person.

A second wrote: "Omg I also read members... We see what we expect, not what’s actually there, I guess!"

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