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Kmart shopper stunned by stranger's 'beautiful' gesture: 'It's yours'

A mother and daughter's Kmart shopping trip has turned into a heartwarming moment after they experienced a random act of kindness.

While shopping for candles together, the 12-year-old daughter came across something completely unexpected - $20 sitting on the shelf with a hand-written note attached.

The note read: “If you found this it’s yours. Please keep it as a reminder of your abundance! Money is energy and there’s an infinite supply available.”

Stunned with their heartwarming find, the girl’s mother decided to share it on the Kmart Home Decor and Hacks Australia Facebook page, thanking the person for their kind gesture.

“I thought I'd share this,” the Queensland mum began, alongside a picture of the note and money.

“My daughter went to Kmart Redbank Plaza today and found this. Yes, she is keeping the money safe in a jar and will keep adding to it.”

Note and $20 left in Kmart store
Finding the note and $20 in the Kmart store left the mother and daughter duo stunned by a stranger's kindness. Source: Facebook.

"What a beautiful thing to do"

She went on to add how grateful her daughter was for finding it and thanked the stranger for sharing his or her “wealth with people.”

“Whoever you are who shared your wealth to people, may God bless you and your family. Sharing is caring,” she said.

Her post racked up more than 2,500 likes and was flooded with comments from fellow Kmart fans stunned by the heartwarming act.

“What a beautiful thing to do I’d be so overwhelmed if this happened to me,” one person wrote.

“Still some beautiful thoughtful people out there,” added another, while a third wrote: “Faith in humanity restored.”

Stills from Isabelle Grace's Instagram, showing her leaving gifts on Kmart shelves
The "stranger" who left the money and notes throughout the Kmart store left four gifts in total for unsuspecting customers. Source: Instagram/Isabellegrace

The mum went on to say that her daughter planned on paying it forward by saving money each week to give to others.

“We will be adding more to it each week and hoping by December we've saved enough to do the same and pay it forward,” she said.

Kind stranger found

After thousands of Kmart fans read the post, it didn’t take long for some shoppers to identify the stranger behind the good deed as social media influencer, Isabelle Grace.

“I saw the lady putting them out on Instagram. So lovely!” one person wrote, with another adding: “I saw her Insta story about leaving these around Kmart. So cool.”

The mum-of-one shared the surprise random act of kindness gifts to her Instagram story before leaving them throughout the Kmart store.

Side-by-side image. Left: Woman's hand leaving gift on Kmart shelf. Right: Blonde woman Isabelle Grace smiling
Social media influencer Isabelle Grace was revelaed to be the kind stranger who left the gifts throughout the Kmart store. Source: Instagram/Isabellegrace

“Money prepped with notes. This is a full operation,” she wrote alongside one image, adding: “Ahhh this is so much fun. I’m on such a high from something so little.”

Isabelle said she decided to place four $20 notes around a Kmart store to “make someone’s day.”

“I went around and hid them in different spots around Kmart and I kind of felt a little bit like a weirdo for some reason, but it was actually lots of fun,” she told Seven News.

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