Mum's Kmart laundry hack divides opinions

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

If there's one thing we know about Kmart fans, it's that they're always looking for their next Kmart hack, but one mum's idea has divided opinions on Facebook.

Taking to the Kmart Home Decor and Hacks Facebook group, Kmart fan Leanne shared her laundry hack with some very mixed responses.

A mum's Kmart laundry hack has divided opinions on Facebook. Photo: Getty

In the post she shared a photo of her two Kmart Drink Dispensers and how she had used them in her laundry by filling them up with liquid detergent.

She wrote, "My little laundry hack. By the way my children are 20 and 17! And lucky if they put [their] dirty washing in the laundry!"

One commenter joked, "On a weird and unrelated note, that looks delicious and my mouth is watering. I love this."

Another added, "Awesome idea!! If you have the room, why not!" Someone else said, "I have always wanted to do this! That looks so good!"

Others shared their advice after doing something similar, with one person writing, "Just a hint keep checking the taps cause they get clogged easy cause the liquid is thicker [than] water."

A second user wrote, "I too had them in my laundry for the liquid wash and [softener] but It took soooo long [for] the liquid wash to come out!"

The mum-of-two shared her hack using Kmart drink dispensers to hold her detergent. Photo: Facebook

However, many others suggested the dispensers would be dangerous for the little children, "I hope you don't have kids who will think the cups and drink dispensers mean it's a drink," one person wrote.

"Hope you don’t have kids," said another.

A third said, "Erm. What's the difference with the laundry liquid being in this dispenser or being in the normal bottles? Either way, they aren't child proof. Meaning, children can undo them. So if a child can't understand that the laundry liquid that is in the laundry in any kind of dispenser is not for consumption, it isn't going to matter how its displayed, that kid will still drink it etc."

In response, one woman suggested that after one sniff of the liquid, children would be unlikely to actually drink it.

Some people didn't see the point, asking, "Is it really that hard to just pour it from the bottle?"

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