Bodybuilder known for 61cm biceps cops humiliating MMA defeat

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor

The Russian bodybuilder known as “Popeye” for his freakishly large biceps has suffered a humiliating lesson in the Octagon.

Kirill Tereshin went viral in 2017 after injecting ‘Synthol’ into his arms in order to try and get the world’s biggest biceps.

After putting on six kilograms just in his arms, he was left with some freakish 61cm pythons.

However the enormous arms don’t seem to have translated into fighting skills.

Kirill Tereshin suffered a humiliating loss. Image: AVTOSERVIСE SERGO

Tereshin suffered a humbling first-round submission loss to a man 20 years his senior at a gym in Abakan in Russia.

Actor and blogger Oleg Mongol managed to get Tereshin to the ground before making him tap with a modified choke manoeuvre.

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Tereshin came out swinging and connected with a few strikes, but was rather useless once taken to ground.

The 23-year-old was also beaten by Russian slapping champion Vasiliy “The Dumpling” Kamotskiy earlier in 2019.

Horror side effects

Last year Tereshin revealed the horror side effects of pumping huge quantities of the drug Synthol (a blend of mostly oil, painkillers and alcohol) into his arms.

"I was doing it and getting a fever of up to 40 degrees, I was lying in bed, feeling like I was dying, but then it all turned out fine," he told The Sun.

Muscle-expanding injections are becoming increasingly popular among young men who want their physique to resemble that of a bodybuilder.

After it's injected, the substance expands between muscle fibres and hardens - breaking down again in the body over a period of time.

It does however, come with a considerable degree of risk, with nerve damage, skin problems, oil-filled cysts, muscle damage and the development of scar tissue among the symptoms linked to the practice.