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Justice for Roseanne

Justice for Roseanne

BARRY CATT: I think she should never, ever been let out into the civil word. She's evil, right? She's keniving, keneevlin', psychopath liar, very manipulative, and really, what she deserves, she brought on herself. No-one else did it to her, just herself.

RAHNI SADLER: What's happened since I saw you last?

ROSEANNE: Heavens, Rahni, the world's turned upside-down.

RAHNI: Have you been partying?

ROSEANNE: It's been a bit of a whirlwind, to say the least, Rahni. I don't think my feet have touched the ground actually.

WOMAN: We shout with the voice of triumph!

ROSEANNE: I am overjoyed. Words fail me at the moment. When they read the judgement, I just wanted to be able to stand up and thank them. I really would've loved to run up and kiss them. But I knew I couldn't do that in the High Court! I just wanted to scream out and say, "Thank you, thank you for seeing where the truth lies here." Such a relief.

RAHNI: You put an innocent woman in jail for 10 years. You helped to put an innocent woman in jail for 10 years.

BARRY: Well, that's calling the kettle black, that's for sure.

RAHNI: Remember Rosanne's ex-husband Barry Catt?

BARRY: Could you spare me for two seconds?

RAHNI: Sure.

BARRY: Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. I've got a big answer to this. I've got this one right up my sleeve!

RAHNI: Barry's testimony and that of his mate - discredited police detective Peter Thomas - was crucial in putting Rosanne in prison for conspiring to murder Barry.

ROSEANNE: I served 10 years in jail for a crime I didn't commit. That's 3,652 days and 20 minutes.

RAHNI: Since her release 12 years ago, Rosanne has tried to clear her name - never more boldy than she did seven months ago when she took a lie detector test for Sunday Night.

BARRY: Lie detector test? I can't see why I wouldn't take a lie, lie detector test.

RAHNI: But when the day came, Barry didn't show up. The High Court decision means she can now seek compensation.

ROSEANNE: Even looking at $1 million for every year they have stolen from me, it would not be enough.

RAHNI: During her 10 years in prison, she missed precious time with her two children and her parents passed away. Money can't bring back things like people, like your parents...


RAHNI: ..but how proud do you think your parents would be?

ROSEANNE: They would be very proud.

RAHNI: They'd be proud that you kept fighting.

ROSEANNE: Yes. Hello, my sweet girl! How are you? Hello, Tony!

TONY: Hello, how are you? Congratulations!

ROSEANNE: Thank you! Hello, my darling, how are you?!

RAHNI: Finally, justice has prevailed.

ROSEANNE: Oh, heavens, there you go - don't give up, don't give in. Just keep going. When you're on the side of right!