'Damaged' dating app killer found guilty of manslaughter

A Melbourne teenager who met a man using an online dating app, invited him over for sex and then strangled him in bed has been found guilty of his manslaughter.

Jamie Lee Dolheguy was charged with murder over the death of Indian student Maulin Rathod at a Sunbury house in July 2018.

But a Supreme Court jury of 11 on Thursday instead found she was guilty of manslaughter. 

It was never disputed Dolheguy killed Mr Rathod, but her barrister questioned whether she had "murderous intent". 

The then-18-year-old met her victim via the online dating app Plenty of Fish and they exchanged brief messages before agreeing to meet up. 

Jamie Lee Dolheguy was charged with murder over the death of Indian student Maulin Rathod at a Sunbury house in July 2018. Source: AAP

Her online profile outlined she was dating for the first time, had borderline personality disorder, suicidal ideation and extreme fetishes including bondage.

"We'll do whatever you want," Mr Rathod told Dolheguy via text before he drove over.

But while the 24-year-old was on his way, the teenager went online and searched "I'm going to kill someone tonight for fun" and "I will kill someone tonight, I want to commit murder".

Dressed in a fancy dress costume, Dolheguy discussed choke play with her victim, prosecutor Patrick Bourke told the jury at the beginning of the trial. 

She then choked him before wrapping a cable around his neck and strangling him, the court was told. 

The killer immediately phoned police and confessed. 

"He came, he didn't seem scared. I strangled him. He's on my bed. It feels so good. I don't want to be a killer," she told a police officer. 

It was never disputed that Dolheguy killed Mr Rathod but her barrister questioned whether she had "murderous intent". Source: AAP

Her defence lawyer told jurors Dolheguy had a difficult upbringing and had experienced extreme abuse that forced her into care from the age of 10. 

She has a personality disorder and history of self-harm and suicide attempts.

From the age of 14 she lived with full-time carers but that provision was removed when she turned 18 and she lived alone. 

"Ms Dolheguy was so damaged and her mind was in such chaos that you couldn't be satisfied she had murderous intent," defence barrister Sharon Lacy explained. 

Her mind was "a torrent of terrifying thoughts and emotions".

Now aged 20, the young woman will face a pre-sentence hearing in April next year. 

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