Jalals return with another prank terror video that everyone is watching

The Jalals have returned with another "prank" video – this time with a pretend public execution on the backstreets of Melbourne.

In the latest video, the Jalals pretend again to do some mock terrorism in order to scare a bunch of people, getting tens of thousands more watching their video and buying their stuff.

The old Arab terrorists prank. source: Jalals

This time they show the "craziest reactions we got" which are really believable and not staged like they admitted with some other videos.

Dressed like Arabs, one the Jalals play up to everyone's prejudices as they use a baseball bat to "execute" another Jalal.

At first glance you might confuse the bat for a machete or sword, and there's a fake trail of blood and everything.

The poor victims react and run for their lives – one of them even throwing up if you can believe it.

Poor guy got sick with fright. Source: Jalals

After the legal restriction brought on by their "drive-by shooting" prank was lifted in March, the adolescent jesters have returned to the same form as before.

But don't blame the Jalals – since it was posted Tuesday the latest prank has been viewed more than 7.68 million times and had more than 114,000 shares.