'It's a bit late': Bizarre Trump message appears in Sydney sky

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A message of support for Donald Trump’s failed 2020 election bid has left Australians somewhat confused after it was written by sky a writer over the city of Sydney on the weekend.

About 11am on Sunday, the words “Trump 2020” could be seen over Sydney’s beaches and visible as far as the inner west and north shore.

“It’s a bit late and geographically distant to help him in the electoral college, but a message of support for Donald Trump’s failed 2020 election bid has appeared over the skies of Sydney,” a Seven News journalist tweeted.

A sky writing message that reads 'Trump 2020' in Sydney
Plenty of people took to social media expressing bemusement. Source: Twitter/@bd82ss/@caitdissociates

Plenty of people took to social media expressing a sense of bemusement at what the message hoped to achieve.

While the sky writing was soon unreadable, ‘Sydney Australia’ began trending on Twitter with many users confused over who would pay for the message.

“What idiot thought this was a good idea?” one Twitter user asked.

“Feels like a whole lot of effort for very little reward,” commented Nine journalist Ruth Wynn-Williams.

Inner West mayor Darcy Byrne was among the many to mock the unusual effort.

“The genius who paid to have Trump 2020 written in the sky over the Inner West of Sydney is really embracing the phrase ‘more money than sense’,” he tweeted.

“So… someone paid a lot of money to put this in the sky, in a country where most people can’t vote for him and two weeks AFTER the election. I’m so confused,” another person commented.

“Can we not have one f**king day of peace?” a person who spotted the writing over the inner west suburb Dulwich Hill wrote along with a photo giving the message a middle finger salute.

While nobody has claimed responsibility for the message yet, social media had a field day joking about the timing of the pro Trump support.

“Enjoyable how quickly the wind blows away this hot air,” one person tweeted along with an image of the faded sky writing.

“They left off the last word LOSER,” another person suggested.

“I didn't realise DonaldTrump was such an accomplished flatulator,” a jokester wrote.

As of Sunday the President was continuing to tweet about “wide spread voter fraud” and thanked his legal team for defending America’s right to a “free and fair election” but one user decided the sky writing had it settled.

“Counts and lawsuits unnecessary – it's been declared in the sky in Sydney Australia,” they joked.

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