ISIS kills baby after Australian father tries to flee: reports

Islamic State militants in the Middle East reportedly killed an Australian baby after the infant's father made contact with Australian authorities in the hopes of fleeing the disintegrating caliphate.

It is suspected the infant was murdered to punish its father because he wanted to escape the battle zone and come back home to Australia, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The Turnbull government has refused to comment on the baby's identity or how it was killed, but a spokesman for the Attorney General condemned any parent who would take their child to a war zone.

"The government has consistently said going to the conflict zone puts yourself and others in danger," a spokesman for George Brandis said.

Khaled Sharrouf became one of the most notorious ISIS terrorists.

"We condemn any parent who takes their family to the conflict zone."

The government would not confirm any details about the infant, including it's sex and gender or if it was an Australian citizen, taking the line it could not comment on intelligence matters.

It is believed the baby's father was speaking to Australian authorities in the hope of abandoning the collapsing Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

The son of a terrorist was photographed holding a severed head.Source: Twitter

With coalition forces regaining territory from IS and moving on city stronghold cities of Mosul and Raqqa, it is expected there will be an influx of foreign fighters looking to return home.

IS fighters have gone to the absolute depths of humanity in the indoctrination of children in their barbaric ways, including making them witness beheadings and executions.

Before he was killed in a drone strike in 2015, Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf tweeted a photo of his young holding a severed head captioned "That's my boy".