Instagram model thrown off delayed plane after filming argument with flight crew

An Instagram model has been kicked off a flight after filming her argument with a pilot and a flight attendant after giving a "sarcastic" response when she was told to sit down, she claims.

Fitness model Jen Selter and her sister were on an American Airlines flight from Miami to New York, on Saturday, when it was delayed for more than an hour due to mechanical issues, TMZ reports.

Selter got up from her seat to remove something from the overhead luggage compartment after she noticed another passenger going to the bathroom.

A flight attendant told the Instagram model to sit down and it led to an argument. The woman asked Selter if she wanted to be removed from the flight, and she responded: "yes".

Instagram model Jen Selter has been kicked off a flight in the US. Source: Instagram/ Jen Selter

Selter later claimed she was being sarcastic.

The flight attendant called for the pilot, and Selter sat back down. It's at this point she began filming the confrontation.

In the video, Selter claims she was putting her jacket in the overhead compartment.

"We've been sitting here for two hours," she tells the pilot.

"I know, we all want to get to New York," he tells her.

The flight attendant tells the pilot Selter told her she wanted to get off the plane.

Video shows the pilot and flight attendant asking Selter to get off the flight before police get involved. Source: Twitter/ Jen Selter

"I was obviously being sarcastic," Selter says.

A man then gets involved in the argument and accuses the pair of "harassing" the model.

Selter claims the argument started after she got up to put her jacket in the overhead. Source: Instagram/ Jen Selter

"Why are you being aggressive?" he asks.

Another clip shows police telling Selter: "American Airlines calls the shots - they don't want you to fly on their plane today". The model was later seen sitting back in the terminal.

According to TMZ, Selter and her sister took an American Airlines flight to New York the following day.