Story behind this lake's incredible 'high-vis' yellow colour

Australians and tourists alike are well aware of the country’s collection of pink lakes – but what about a bright yellow one?

Photographer Phillip Gelling captured late last month the incredible yellow tones of Statues Lake in Kondinin Shire – almost 200kms east of Perth in Western Australia.

The salt lake in the middle of the Wheatbelt town reportedly changes colour often and can be seen bearing pink, blue or green hues.

The bright yellow colour stems from an increase in bacteria and algae, a spokesperson with the Shire told Yahoo News Australia.

Photographer Phillip Gelling captured the incredible yellow tones of Statues Lake in Kondinin Shire – almost 200kms east of Perth, Western Australia. Source: Phillip Gelling

Warmer temperatures also escalate the conditions. 

Statues Lake is one of many vibrant tourist attractions within Western Australia.

Gelling’s photo was shared on the Australia’s Golden Outback Facebook page, with many marvelling at the beauty of the lake.

“It’s almost unbelievable – Mother Nature does it again!” one woman said.

Another joked: “That’s ‘Lake Hi Vis’.”

“Oh we do live in the best country, without a doubt. I love Australia,” a third person wrote.

Others posted their own photos saying they had seen the lake’s water in other colours.

An admin of Australia’s Golden Outback explained: “It changes colour quite often! This fluoro colour happens once a year around this time.”

Lake Hillier, the country’s most famous pink lake, is located 130kms from Esperance and neighbours the Indian Ocean.

A woman is pictured standing in the Hutt Lagoon. Source: Instagram

Hutt Lagoon on the Coral Coast boasts a spectrum of colours depending on the day and cloud coverage, including red, pink and lilac purple, according to

A combination of higher than usual salt levels, intense sunlight and little to no rainfall causes a red pigment to form during photosynthesis, giving the lagoon its pink colour.

Although some people say the water is fine to swim in, experts have urged people not to come in contact with the water, according to the ABC.

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