Incredible footage captures Aussie man's terrifying close call with nature

The man was loading things into his car when mother nature struck.

Terrifying footage captures a man's incredibly close call with nature, with mere seconds being the difference between life and potential death.

The NSW man was loading up his car outside a house in Mudgee when, just seconds after walking away, the vehicle fell victim to a powerful lightning strike.

The moment was captured on dashcam footage from another car positioned behind his red Hyundai Getz which was parked under a large tree on the side of the road. The man can be seen rushing to put items in the backseat of the car before he closes the door and runs back inside, leaving another door wide open.

Tree falls down onto Hyundai Getz car  after being hit by lightning.
The man was putting things in his car. Seconds later, a tree came crashing down after being struck by lightning. Source: Instagram/sam_says via 9news

A mere two seconds after the man leaves the frame, the tree explodes sending branches and debris crashing down on top of the car. A loud bang can be heard when the lightning strikes the tree trunk, completely obliterating it, as the branches rain down on the vehicle and where the man once stood.

The car alarm sounds and the man reappears slowly approaching the car. Unable to believe his luck, the NSW man shared the footage on Instagram on Thursday, 9news reported. "I'm off to buy a lotto ticket ", he reportedly captioned the clip.

Lightning strikes across the state

Earlier this year, a 10-bedroom home in Sydney’s northwest was "completely destroyed" in a massive blaze, believed to have been started by a lightning strike. Firefighters were called to the property in September and were able to put out the blaze, however the damage had already been done.

Meanwhile, in August, more than 21,000 lightning strikes were reported within 100km of Sydney in just three hours during a severe storm, according to a tweet by WeatherZone meteorologist Ben Domensino.

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