Ice-addicted Wollongong man jailed after unprovoked glassing attack

A man has been jailed over a brutal classing attack at a Wollongong hotel, with a judge telling him he was lucky not to face a murder charge.

Wollongong District Court judge Paul Conlon said he had ‘no idea’ how Mitchell Bleimuth’s, 24, victim had survived the attack which left a 15 centimetre gash in his neck.

He handed down a sentence of two-and-a-half years over the March 6 attack at the Wiralla Hotel, Fairfax Media reports.

Security camera footage of the crime shows Bleimuth speaking to his victim before, seemingly with little provocation, he punches the man twice and then strikes him in the neck with the glass, opening up a three centimetre deep wound.

“Mr Bleimuth is fortunate he’s not facing a charge of murder, how it [the glass] missed the [victim’s] carotid artery I have no idea,” Judge Conlon said.

Bleimuth, who the judge said had been addicted to methamphetamine at the time of the attack was treated in hospital for cuts to his hand after the attack.

He handed himself into police several days later and has remained in custody.

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