Husband storms out after wife's pregnancy reveal

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A husband has revealed why he stormed out after his wife's big news. Photo: Getty

An upset husband has revealed why he stormed out of the house after his wife’s big pregnancy reveal.

Taking to Reddits ‘Am I the A**hole’ thread, the 37-year-old man explained he and his wife, also 37, had been married for two years and been trying to have a baby, without success.

He points out that he is a “very private person” and that surprises make him uncomfortable, so when his wife decided to drop the biggest news on him unawares, he lost his cool.

“One day, my wife told me she wanted to have a dinner party and invite both our families and our closest friends.... something we don’t usually do,” he wrote.

“Everything was going swimmingly... then my wife tapped her glass calling for everyone's attention. She stood up and told everyone the reason why she'd invited everyone there was to announce that she's pregnant.”

He said their families and friends were understandably over the moon, but all seemed to assume she had told him about it already.

“Until I said that I didn't know,” he continued.

The woman kept the happy news to herself. Photo: Getty

“I was angry. My wife didn't tell me she was pregnant. I felt like I should've been the first to know.

“By telling me with the rest of the family, it felt like I didn't matter. I just felt like a chump because my whole family and two friends found out about MY baby the same time I did.”

He said he pulled his wife aside to ask why she hadn’t told him first, to which she kept repeating ‘I thought you'd be HAPPY that we're having a baby!’

“I couldn't believe how insensitive and selfish she was being. I stormed out of the house in front of our guests and got a motel for the night. I dodged my wife's calls and returned the next morning,” he revealed.

“Our relationship hasn't been the same since.”

Since sharing his story, the husband has received quite a mixed bag of responses, with some people agreeing what his wife did was wrong, but also calling him out for overreacting.

“He definitely overreacted and should have at least kept it together in front of guests, but he had every right to be upset. What she did was really sh**y,” one person responded.

“You should not have been part of the audience in a public reveal. You should have been part of the revealing. You shouldn't have thrown a tantrum but your hurt feelings are understandable,” another agreed.

“She absolutely should’ve told you privately before this public announcement. She is definitely the bigger asshole here. However, you should’ve kept your cool at least through the party and talked with her after,” was another response.

The man stormed out of the house after the reveal. Photo: Getty

Some however said he was completely in the wrong to react the way he did, with a few even telling the poster to “man up”.

“You've both been trying for so long, and she probably thought you would be very happy with the surprise. How can you not be the asshole after that? You threw a whole tantrum,” was one comment.

But others came to his defence saying he had every right to express his emotions about the situation.

“Wife chose to tell him in front of all those close to her. She took that risk. He's allowed to express his emotions and doesn't have to ‘man up’ until all the guests have left,” one said.

“She kept it secret when it finally happened, so she robbed him of his time to process it, robbed them of their private moment of happiness, and engineered an announcement that basically hit all the bullet points on everything he hates,” another commented.

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