Huge 4.6m python sneaks into chicken coop

A snake measuring a massive 4.6 metres has been caught after it snuck into a Whitsundays chicken coop and helped itself to dinner.

Local snake handlers worked together to catch, measure and then release the huge scrub python.

"One of the biggest ones we've seen in a while so we all got a bit excited," David Barwell told Yahoo7.

David Barwell shared images of the scrub python, which he said was caught by Neil Cutten and Kylee Gray, to the SnakesoftheWhitsundays Facebook group.

Attempts had been made to relocate the scrub python last week when it was spotted in a yard in Cannon Valley.

The snake is 4.6metres long. Source: David Barwell

But by the time a catcher arrived it had slithered up high into a tree and could not be reached safely.

Earlier this week the scrub python returned to the same property.

This time its belly was full after it had "helped itself to a chicken dinner."

The snake returned to a property where it was spotted last week. Source: David Barwell
This snake is believed to be at least 20-years-old. Source: David Barwell

"It's a very healthy size. (It's) certainly one of the largest ones I've seen of that size in the last couple of years," David Barwell said.

Mr Barwell explained these big snakes are pretty reclusive and generally like to stay in the bush.

This particular scrub python is believed to be at least 20 years old and was said to be quite placid when it was released nearby.

"It's happy back in his bushland now," David Barwell said.