How to protect your dog from snake bites

A snake hunter has released a handy video detailing how to protect your pets from snakes and what to do if you suspect your animal has been bitten by one.

In the 25 minute video, released by The Snake Hunter, people are able to gain first hand information from several vets and experts on best to protect their dogs.

The first thing people should do if they do suspect their animal has been bitten by a snake is to visit their closest vet as soon as possible.

"Time is of the essence with any snake bite," Vet Nurse Specialist Kate Rees says in the video.

The video was released to help people understand how to avoid their dogs getting bitten by snakes. Source: AAP / Stock image

Dr Dylan Barber also appears in the video and says vets provide a full clinical exam on suspicion of a snake bite.

"We look at the animal to see if it's moving, have a close look at its eyes to see whether they're pupils are dilated, look at its mouth to see whether its drooling and look at their muscles to whether they're trembling," he says.

Dr Barber says there are clearcut signs soon after a snake bite such blood in the urine and respiratory arrest.

"If the animal has been bitten by a snake we would put it on a drip and treat it with anti venom and also start it on antibiotics just to be safe," he says.

The video also delves into how to train dogs to stay away from snakes.

Leading dog trainer Kris Kotsopolous, from Von Forell, said it's all in operant conditioning and "power in the words".

Dr Dylan Barber appears in the video offering a rundown of how a vet treats a snake bite. Source: The Snake Hunter

"If something is unusual a dog will investigate it - they have interest in everything that moves," Mr Kotsopolous said.

"We need to teach them that particular things are dangerous."

Mr Kotsopolous said operant conditioning involves increasing behaviour (reinforcement), decreasing behaviour (punishment), adding something (positive), and removing something (negative).

"A behaviour can not be encouraged or discouraged without a positive or negative experience," he says.

He added that dogs learn to avoid snakes by negative and positive learning coupled with classic conditioning.

Leading dog trainer Kris Kotsopolous offers tips on how to train your dog to stay away from snakes. Source: The Snake Hunter

The informational video also discusses all you need to know about pet insurance and a dog behaviour expert on understanding why dogs get bitten by snakes.

"If interested in teaching your dog to stay away from snakes, call The Snake Hunter on 0403 875 409," the post reads under the video.