‘How?’ Internet baffled by unusual crash outside Target

A bizarre crash has baffled the internet with people questioning how the driver found herself in that position and some even claiming the incident “defies logic”.

Police attended the scene outside of Holly Springs Target, in the US state of North Carolina, on Monday.

Images show the car mounted on a spherical concrete bollard. The rear of the car remains in the air with the front touching the ground.

A car parked on top of a concrete bollard outside of Holly Springs Target.
A woman managed to mount her car on concrete bollards outside of a Target store in the US. Source: Reddit/ Roman_Logan

The driver, identified by local news outlet WRAL 5 as Michelle Wright, 49, was charged with driving while impaired and careless and reckless driving.

Authorities claim Wright reversed over the bollard as she was backing out. No one was injured.

Photos of the crash were shared on Reddit with viewers flummoxed as to how the car ended up stuck on top of the bollard.

“How?” one man wrote.

A car parked on top of a concrete bollard outside of Holly Springs Target.
People are baffled as to how the car became stuck. Source: Reddit/ coleslawwed

Another man jokingly wrote, “she just missed her target” while another added “she’s on the ball”.

“I've tried to recreate this in my head and I just can't,” another man wrote.

One person said the crash had him “generally baffled”.

“This defies logic,” another added.

Viewers bewildered by parking job

The images of the crash left viewers in similar bewilderment to a photo of a parked car which emerged in May.

The photo shows a car parking across two of the three parking bays in an undercover port.

However, there are pillars at the front of the garage, separating the bays, so it appears the driver has somehow manoeuvred their car around them and into what looks to be a very tricky spot.

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