'Honestly impressed': People shocked by unbelievable parking

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People have marvelled at one driver's remarkable parking job on social media in a post which has raised a lot of questions.

"I am not sure what planet this tenant learned to park on..." a woman wrote on a public Facebook group along with a photo.

The photo shows a car has fully utilised the car space by parking across two of the three parking bays in the undercover port.

However, there are pillars at the front of the garage, separating the bays, so it appears the driver has somehow manoeuvred their car around them and into what looks to be a very tricky spot.

People were very impressed by the driver's interesting parking job. Source: Facebook
People were very impressed by the driver's interesting parking job. Source: Facebook

"I’m honestly impressed," someone said in the comments.

"Yeah, this definitely took a lot more effort and skill than ignorance," someone else said.

One person said they would love to see the person try and get out of the spot, while another viewer suggested he would simply get out they way he got in.

Another person offered a theory as to why the driver decided to park their car like that.

"They probably didn’t pay their bill trying to keep a tow truck from being able to repo it," they said.

Another person shared a "somewhat related" nightmarish incident at the building they used to live at.

"My old apartment complex painted lines in the parking lot without asking anyone to move their vehicles and can I just say it was a disaster," they said.

A spectacular parking fail in Victoria sent people into a frenzy on social media last month.

Pictures of a car mounting the curb outside a VicRoads licence testing centre were shared to social media and people found the ordeal hilarious.

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