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'How dare she': Target employee delivers powerful rant against customer

A woman has made a powerful TikTok video following an interaction with a customer at Target who belittled her for working at the department store.

The employee filmed the candid video in her car, on what she said was her last day working at Target, and it has now been viewed more than 2.6 million times as it stuck a nerve with users.

Sarah explained during the first half of her shift while working at the self-checkout area, an older customer was complaining about the long lines at the checkout, explaining she was handicapped.

TikTok user @sarah_teee8 recalled an encounter with a rude customer who tried to belittle her for working at Target. Source: TikTok/sarah_teee8
TikTok user @sarah_teee8 recalled an encounter with a rude customer who tried to belittle her for working at Target. Source: TikTok/sarah_teee8

According to Sarah the elderly woman said: “This is ridiculous, this is why I never come to Target”, and said the store always has long lines at the checkout.

Empathising with the woman, Sarah explained she offered to scan her items for her, while apologising for the store being understaffed.

Brushing off the woman’s attitude towards her, she recalled how she began to scan the woman’s items.

“As I’m scanning the items for her she’s talking to me like ‘if you had of worked harder, if you had of studied harder, you wouldn’t have to be doing this work’,” she said.

“I looked this woman dead in her eye and I said, ‘I have my degree.'”

The woman then said she also had a degree and earned over $100,000 a year.

“Go home and get someone to buy your groceries for you,” Sarah vented angrily at the end of the video.

In a follow up, she explained her issue with the woman wasn’t her being so “blatantly rude”, as a lot of people are rude to her at work, but because she tried to insinuate retail jobs are “less than”.

“That is the most disrespectful thing, because without these people stocking these shelves, checking you out, cleaning these carts, making sure everything is ready for you to come in, you would not be eating right now,” Sarah said.

“Without those people in those fields, making sure that produce gets here, without those people in fast food, just for your comfort - without those people working right now, your life would be so much different.”

In the comments, people shared Sarah’s opinion on how people in retail are treated and often belittled.

“I will never understand why people talk down to others that are providing a service to them,” oneTikTok user wrote.

“I was raised to treat EVERYONE with respect.”

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