'Holy cow': Beachgoers panic as shark thrashes at water's edge

Panic has erupted on a beach in the US as shark is spotted thrashing in the water among swimmers in shallow waters.

The shaky vision shows the moment onlookers watch on while a large shark violently thrashes in the water while swimmers try to rush to shore.

“HOLY COW!!!!! PLEASE WATCH YOUR SURROUNDINGS!!! I am shaking this just happened!!!! SHARK!!!!!!! GULF SHORES!” the post by Kayla Blanks of Birmingham, Alabama wrote on to her Facebook account.

The shark was captured on camera merely metres from swimmers. Source: Facebook

According to WKRG the shark was seemingly following a fish when it was filmed.

“It happened at 2:44 central time in Gulf Shores about a mile from the state pier directly in front of the light house condos,” Blanks went on to tell the outlet.

Blanks also said that if local officials had not been there to alert the beachgoers, the situation could have been worse.

The clip has since gone viral with over 3.4 million views since it was first posted to Facebook.

The dark outline of the shark can be seen in the vision. Source: Facebook

“Wow that was really close. Glad you guys are alright,” one social media commenter wrote.

“I ain't getting in the damn water,” another wrote.

According to Good Morning America no one was injured during the incident.

7 News Online have reached out to Kayla for comment.