Hilarious reaction to girlfriend's Vegemite toast: 'Can I trust her?'

Is there such thing as too much Vegemite on toast?

There's no truer character assessment than to inspect someone's Vegemite on toast — you could say it's a nationally approved metric at this point. Some believe less is more while others argue the opposite, asserting the path to honour and glory is paved with the yeasty spread.

For those who subscribe to the latter, one woman has been lauded for her Aussie chutzpah this week after her partner caught sight of her preference and jokingly asked the public for advice.

The all important image was shared online, showing the girlfriend's toast coated with layers of thick, black Vegemite, with her partner questioning what the heavy application said about her.

"This is how my girlfriend likes her Vegemite... Can I trust her?" they wondered.

An orange plate with a slice of brown toast coated with thick black layers of Vegemite.
An Aussie girlfriend was being judged for the amount of Vegemite she spreads on her toast. Source: Reddit

Aussies unanimous with response to Vegemite quantity

Regardless of personal preference, the general rule held by the true patriots in the comments appears to be that a person becomes increasingly more impressive the more Vegemite they eat, given the spread is known for its distinctive salty flavour. So the woman in question was quickly venerated.

"Mate, looks like she’d stand shoulder to shoulder in the trenches through the worst of it. Yeah you can trust her," one person wrote.

"I would follow her into battle," another agreed. "Nothing phases her and she would go to hell and back without any fear," joked one commenter.

"The real question is can she can trust you? Her trustworthiness is not in doubt…"

Others meanwhile labelled her "a keeper" and urged the person to "marry her".

However, a select few urged caution — not because she was untrustworthy, but because her impressive Vegemite volume could be costly in such expensive times.

"The real question is if you can afford to sustain her Vegemite habits in this economy," one person joked.

It's certainly not the first time Aussies have debated someone's Vegemite intake, with a high profile case coming back in 2020 when actor Tom Hanks layered too much Vegemite onto his toast, with many fearing he would become a causality of the strongly flavoured national spread given he's American predilections.

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