Coles shopper fumes at ‘special’ $7.30 price for Vegemite

The discounted price was more expensive than the original, with the shopper flagging the issue online.

A Coles shopper has blasted the unexpected 'special' price a bottle of squeezy Vegemite was ticketed at during a visit to her local store, revealing something didn't quite add up with the discounted price.

In a video posted online, a woman showed the yellow price tag noted $7.30 for the Vegemite product before flipping the discounted tag up to reveal the "normal price" was only $7.

"I'm sorry but Coles this is actually f**ked that you would put something on ‘special’ like this," Tiktok user Amber wrote.

The $7.30 Coles discounted price tag can be seen on the left, with the $7 price tag seen underneath on the right.
The Coles shopper flagged the discounted price for the Vegemite was more expensive than its original price. Source: TikTok

Coles has confirmed to Yahoo News the shopper did in fact discover a ticketing error.

"We are urgently updating the two tickets to ensure that accurate pricing is reflected on the shelf for our customers as well as reviewing how the error occurred," Coles said in a statement. It is understood the regular price is $7.30, having gone up from $7 in early July.

In January last year the supermarket was scrutinised for something similar, with the discounted and original price tags being the same price despite shoppers believing the product was on special. The supermarket said the issue had come from "genuine human error".

Customers spot incorrect Coles price tags

This is not the first time shoppers have flagged errors on Coles' discounted price tags, with "eagle-eyed" customers praised last year for noticing some products were grossly overpriced. Packets of crackers were being advertised at "2 for $100" and Christmas decorations were ticketed with expensive tags, only for the supermarket to explain there had been a "printing error".

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