Woman's hilarious reaction to finding Vegemite brownies at Woolworths: 'Abomination'

The woman has shared her disgust after finding a cake mix for Vegemite brownies at Woolworths.

Some things are just too Australian, even for Australians. At least that's what one Woolworths customer thought when spotting brownies with a controversial new ingredient.

When doing her shop in Woolworths, the Sydney woman couldn't believe her eyes when coming across a box of Green's Vegemite Choc Chunk Brownies.

"What did I just find?!?" she said in the caption of her TikTok video on Monday. "Guys I'm f***ing disgusted right now. Look at this abomination I found."

A photo of the Woolworths customer who was shocked by Green's Vegemite Choc Chunk Brownies. A photo of the brownies packaging.
A Woolworths customer was shocked by Green's Vegemite Choc Chunk Brownies, thinking the combination was strange. Source: TikTok

Mixed reaction to Vegemite brownies cake mix

Her video has since garnered more than 171,000 views, with many sharing their mixed opinions on the naturally divisive dessert.

Some were equally as confused by the brownies. "When I tell you I stopped in my tracks," one person said.

"Australia is becoming more Aussie now," another added.

"I love Vegemite but WHAT?" a third person exclaimed. However, others were more embracing of the "salt and sweet" combination, saying they actually enjoyed it.

"Vegemite brownies are actually so good though! Try it first!!" one person confessed. "I was like that when I saw it, but you can barely taste the Vegemite," another said.

Brownies available in Coles and Woolworths

The brownie mixture was first launched by Green's Baking Australia in March in partnership with Vegemite, which became available in Coles on March 1 and Woolworths on April 24.

Calling the ingredient "iconic", the company admitted on their website the combination may be "strange" to "some", however described the brownies as something worth trying.

"Combine the fudgey, chocolate flavours of our best brownie with the unmissable flavour of Vegemite and you get a brownie that is absolutely decadent and delicious!" they said.

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