Hiker's terrifying discovery in Aussie bush

It normally takes just one spider to trigger an adverse reaction from an arachnophobe.

So spare a thought for one hiker in the ACT after she stumbled across a large wolf spider carrying dozens of her offspring on her back.

Erin Clare-Barrow managed to capture a photo of her terrifying find as she trekked Mount Majara before sharing it with the ACT Parks and Conservation Service.

The spider was carrying its offspring on her back. Source: Facebook/ACT Parks and Conservation Service

The service then shared the image on Facebook with the caption “Look away arachnophobes”.

It wasn’t long until terrified users revealed their horror over the spider and her babies, with hundreds of comments flooding in.

“I would literally die on the spot. Heart attack,” one terrified user proclaimed.

Arachnophobes revealed their horror after the image was shared online. Source: Facebook/ ACT Parks and Conservation Service

“The things nightmares are made of,” another said.

ACT Parks and Conservation said the baby spiders would stay on their mother’s back for about a week until they were ready to brave it on their own.

While Ms Clare-Barrow was able to keep a safe distance from the spiders, a NSW woman wasn’t as fortunate earlier this year when she discovered a giant spider in her sock.