Helmet camera captures car door collision

Helmet camera captures car door collision

A cyclist's handlebar camera has captured the moment she was knocked off her bike by an opening car door in Melbourne's CBD, and the angry confrontation that followed.

The incident involving a cyclist, known only as Cedar Bee, happened on Collins Street at around 7pm.

The collision was caught on camera and then uploaded to video-sharing website YouTube.

The penalty for this type of road incident is a $361 fine.

Greg Barber, Victorian Greens leader and advocate for the safety of cyclists, said: "It's absolutely clear that it is illegal to open a car door so as to cause an accident. That's what has happened in this case."

The smash is one of 150 of its kind reported each year at a time when Melbourne City Council is committed to becoming a cycling-friendly zone, allocating $5.6 million to bike lane upgrades.

"We've seen fatalities or lifetime injuries as a result of someone flinging their door open without looking," Mr Barber said. "We're trying to get that number of incidents down with fines, but also through education."

Police are aware of the accident and are trying to identify those involved.