Hello Fresh delivery driver caught out in 'shocking' doorstep act

A loud thud can be heard in the footage, captured on the Aussie mum's doorbell camera.

Hello Fresh are investigating after an Aussie mum captured the ‘shocking’ moment a delivery driver carelessly tossed a meal-kit box at her front door.

Sharing the video to social media, Canberra woman Krystle said the package was thrown “so forcefully it almost flipped”. A loud thud can be heard in the footage, captured on her doorbell camera, as the box hits the ground.

The mum told Yahoo News Australia she sadly had no choice but to throw away many of the grocery items that had burst open in their packaging from the impact of the throw.

The driver was caught on camera throwing the box at a Canberra woman's front door.
The Hello Fresh delivery driver was caught on camera throwing the box at a Canberra woman's front door. Source: Facebook

“It’s too expensive to be treated like that,” said Krystle.

The mum shared how she had ordered the meal-delivery kits as a rare treat while her daughter recovered from surgery.

Hello Fresh is a meal-kit provider that has operations across Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada and Europe. For a family of four, three recipes per week retails at $125.00 per box, or $69.99 with a discount code.

Doorbell camera captures moment

The mum explained that she received a notification from her doorbell camera that there was movement at her front door in Gordon, ACT, on Saturday, September 16 at around 12.15am.

Reviewing the footage, she was stunned to watch the delivery driver lob the box over the railing on her porch towards the front door before returning to his van.

“I watched the video as I was shocked at first at the time of delivery,” Krystle said.

“It was lucky we were up to bring it in, or it would be out all night.”

Her reaction was “mostly shock and a bit of humour on how someone could be delivering a family's meals like that, he threw it with so much force the box almost flipped.”

Krystle adds that it would have been easier to walk up the driveway than to throw the box over the railing.

“The driveway was clear and the entry is 2m wide with no stairs. He had to navigate a car and a garden edge to walk the way he did.”

“We ordered to make things easier,” adds Krystle. “We won’t be back though.”

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Krystle contacted the company and said she had to upload the video in order to get a refund on her purchase.

“Due to my child’s low immunity we had to be safe and throw all open food away,” she says.

Hello Fresh delivery driver branded 'lazy'

Many expressed their shock at the video which Krystle says “speaks for itself.”

“Too lazy to walk the few metres around the pathway to the door,” one viewer commented.

“I wonder if he would like his things delivered the same way?” asked another.

A spokesperson for Hello Fresh said a full investigation has been launched. "The customer experience is at the heart of everything we do at HelloFresh," the spokesperson said. "We are conducting a full investigation with the driver involved and will be taking appropriate measures to ensure this doesn't happen again.”

Customers affected by ongoing thefts

It’s not the first time customers have aired their frustrations over the delivery kit company. In August, CCTV showed HelloFresh customers targeted by brazen thieves who continue stealing boxes filled with groceries from outside homes.

"This is becoming a recurring thing," Sydney woman Hannah said in a local Facebook group. She also asked if others had experienced it too, and to her surprise, some had.

As a result, Hannah has changed from night time delivery to day. "Hopefully, it doesn’t happen again seeing as you would have to be bold to do that in daylight," she told Yahoo.

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